Thursday, April 25, 2013

...a reflective look back.

American Beauty
Valhall Arts has come a long way in its last 5 years of existence. Like a toddler, there were the awkward moments, and mistakes, but overall it has been a fun and successful run. The growth of my photography has only begun, and I feel like a child exploring, as I make my way forward in my practice.

With the probability that the current situation is coming to an end, this month I offer a Retrospective, opening Friday May 3rd, 6-9 pm. The exhibit offers a look back at past exhibitions, and the opportunity to see the progression of my work. The gallery began with straighforward photographic exhibitions, showing the work I did while talking classes at Front Range Community College. I had good luck with the fact that the local educational institution was home to some world class instructors, and my passion for photography and the arts was ignited.

Even as I opened my first few shows, I knew I would grow tired of the standard presentation of photographs presented under glass with white mats in black or white frames. From the very beginning I was more interested in experimenting with the medium, expanding the ideas of what a photograph could look like and how a photography exhibition could be presented. I was interested in engaging my audience, really inspiring them to interact with the art works, bringing in relational aesthetics, and other contemporary practices into my projects.

Come see the transitions and changes that occurred over the five plus years at Valhall Arts.
More details and images can be found on my website,

Thanks! Hope to see you at the receptions May 3rd and June 7th,
                                                                                         ~Laura Brent

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