Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Monday, December 11, 2017

Pinhole is a concept

Why pinhole? I am often asked that question. Why would I choose a photographic method that only adds time, difficulty, and complication to my art practice?
'Why' indeed. It is exactly this forced slowing down that I embrace. It is the purposeful placement of these technological hurdles that allows me to focus in on the craft itself, the image created is secondary to the process. The experimental nature of the method negates any control over the resultant image. The pinhole is the perfect analogy of my chosen path, one which is narrow, and not easily traversed. A rare experience captured in print that deserves longer contemplation.
Calling my self a photographer, or more specifically, a pinhole photographer is too limiting. I may better describe myself as a conceptual artist.
As I am updating the resume, I realize I am having trouble living up to the self appointed label of Pinhole Photographer. Yes, I make pinhole photographs, but I also have an interest in conceptual works. Sometime this involves performance art, certain documented actions, or elaborate installations in which the viewer experiences the photographs and/or videos. I am always experimenting, trying to discover new ways to utilize the camera, exploring alternatives to normal shooting and showing.