Wednesday, December 1, 2010

TPAAK Young Curators and Artists Statement

For years and years wars have been fought over religion. In all of the art research that we have done in class on various religions, we found that artists work together to create beautiful symbols of unity and of peace. In our 4th grade classroom, in the small town of Fort Collins, Colorado, we have come together to re-create symbols that are found in religions throughout the world. As we created the artwork, our goal was to educate the community by displaying the different types of art that represent the most prevalent religions of the world. We took the symbols of the religions and we created art, together. Through unity, understanding, and learning from one another, we learned how to work together and in the midst of all this, we created something beautiful. In our seven canvass series, we hope that you too will discover what we have learned during the creation process. We are all in this together, loving, caring, helping, teaching, learning, creating, and understanding. Some times we have to step back in order to view the bigger picture. We hope you enjoy.